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Why FSE?  » Why Choose Us
At The Fabric Stock Exchange, we do things differently and we do things better.
Here are the reasons why you should choose to do business with The Fabric Stock Exchange.
  • We sell ALL TYPES of fabrics including silks, cottons, linens, wools, rayons, polyesters and blends. We sell both wovens and knits, stretch and non-stretch. We sell prints, solids, yarn-dyes and novelties. We sell all pricepoints from popular to designer priced fabric.

  • We send samples of available fabrics to buyers each week of the year. This enables our buyers to see, touch and feel the actual fabric they are purchasing, before they purchase. All samples are sent FREE to our buyers.

  • All of the fabrics we sell are ALL SOLD at below wholesale prices.

  • If we do not have the fabrics our buyers need, our over 30 years of Industry experience points our buyers in the right direction to find what they are looking for. All it takes is ONE CALL to find the fabrics they need.

  • Our low minimum yardage requirements enables small-medium size companies purchase the quantities they need without overbuying.

  • We exhibit at 5 trade shows each year. Exhibiting at trade shows enables our buyers to see hundreds of fabrics at one time. Business relationships are enhanced at the trade shows, as we gain a better understanding of our buyers needs by working with them in person.

  • We offer our buyers the ability to post their fabric requests at fabricstockexchange.com. Fabric sellers nationwide can view and respond to these requests immediately. This will cut the time it takes for buyers to source what they need.

  • We offer our sellers the convenience of receiving weekly emails with a listing of the current fabrics requested by our buyers. This will enable the sellers to sell their fabrics faster while expanding their customer base.

  • We understand the global marketplace and have years of experience purchasing fabrics overseas. We have relationships with freight forwarders and working and current knowledge of duty, quota and freight charges.


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