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  Frequently Asked Questions – Buyers

      What is a Textile Broker?

      A Textile Broker is an individual who brings a buyer and a seller of immediately

      available and/or off-price fabrics together. The broker sells immediately available

      leftover fabrics from fashion designers, garment manufacturers, fabric converters,

      jobbers or importers. A Fabric Broker never owns any fabric inventory, and works

      entirely on a commission basis. The commission is paid either by the buyer or the

      seller. The commission is either a percentage of the total sale or a pre-set amount per

      yard sold.


Who am I purchasing fabrics from?

The fabrics sold are sold directly to you from the finest fabric jobbers, importers, mills and converters. We also sell excess fabrics from apparel manufacturers and designers as well.


How do I get swatches of the fabrics you sell?

We send sample swatches of our fabrics on a regular basis. Click here to be added to our mailing list to begin receiving sample swatches right away.


Can I re-order the fabrics I purchase from The Fabric Stock Exchange?

No. There is no continuity with the fabrics we offer. There is only a limited quantity available for each of the items we sell. All fabrics are subject to prior sale. To find the current inventory on an item that you have received in the mail, please call (215) 579-2791 or email us.


Can I place my order by phone or fax?

Yes. All orders can be placed by phone or by fax. To place your order by phone, call us at (215) 579-2791. If you prefer to fax your order, send your fax directly to The Fabric Stock Exchange at (215) 579-2813.


Do you represent 2nd quality fabrics?

No, not knowingly. All of the fabrics we sell are sold as 1st quality. Should you ever receive a flawed or defective fabric, please let us know.


       What are the terms of sale?

       Each supplier is responsible for determining the payment terms for each order

       submitted to them. Please specify your preferred terms when placing your order. To

       fill out a credit application, please email us and we will forward you a credit application.

       Once the credit application is completed and has been received by

       us, we will forward that information to the supplier you are placing your order with.


What are the shipping rates?

Each supplier is responsible for shipping their own fabrics and will be adding the shipping charges to the invoice they send. Please specify your preferred method of shipping when placing your order.


How often are new fabrics added to fabricstockexchange.com?

Representative samples of our latest fabrics are added to fabricstockexchange.com EVERY DAY. Be sure to check back often to see the latest we have in fashion fabrics. The swatches on-line are NOT a complete representation of what we have please let us know what you are looking for.


Do you sell or exchange customer information?

No! Never! We DO NOT sell our information to anyone for any reason.


Do you sell fabrics to customers outside of the United States?

Yes, we sell to customers from many countries around the world. Freight, customs and duty charges are the customer’s responsibility.


Frequently Asked Questions – Sellers


Is there a fee to sell my fabrics with The Fabric Stock Exchange?

A commission is paid by the buyer OR the seller. Please contact us today to find out more about the various opportunities and benefits of selling your fabric with The Fabric Stock Exchange.


Is there a yardage minimum for fabrics you sell?

We sell everything from sample yardage inventories to trailer loads of fabrics.


Do you sell fabrics that are located overseas?

Yes. We sell fabrics that are located anywhere in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.


Do you sell 2nd quality fabrics?

No, all of the fabrics we represent are first quality fabrics.


Who sets the terms of sale (payment terms, price, shipping method)?

Each fabric vendor sets their own prices and payment terms. Since shipping is paid for by the buyer, the buyer will let each fabric vendor know their preferred method of shipping.


At what point do the buyers know who they are purchasing fabrics from?

Once an order has been confirmed with both the buyer and the seller, the buyer will receive a a computer generated order with the name of the vendor.


Who is responsible for credit checking a customer?

Each vendor is responsible for credit checking their own customers. A credit application asking for 3 trade references and a bank reference is available to the buyers from us. Upon request by the vendor, The Fabric Stock Exchnage will email the completed credit applications for a particular buyer to the vendor.


Do you sell or exchange vendor information?

No! Never! We DO NOT sell our information to anyone for any reason.



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